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Bathorium Revive Zone
Made from entirely clean and decadent ingredients. 300gr of fizzy slow release bathbomb. J'ad..
CRUSH Ancient Oat Hydration
Bathorium C.R.U.S.H Soothing Ancient Oat Hydration 120gr Let the warm soothing wrap of vanilla..
CRUSH Charcoal Garden Detox
Bathorium C.R.U.S.H detoxifying Charcoal Garden Detox 120gr Detoxify from the outside in. Orga..
CRUSH Eucalyptus Apothecary
Bathorium C.R.U.S.H rejuvenating Eucalyptus Apothecary 120gr Embrace your new post workout reg..
CRUSH Northern Sage Recovery
Bathorium C.R.U.S.H Rejuvenating Northern Sage Recovery 120gr Breath deep and immerse into the..
CRUSH Sea Kelp Serenity
Bathorium C.R.U.S.H Relaxing Sea Kelp Serenity 120gr Close your eyes and drift into the abyss...
TAMARA Botanicals
The Shower Bursts gift box provides you with a wonderful assortment of floral fragrance options to g..
TAMARA Signature
The Shower Burst gift box provides you with a wonderful assortment of different scent options to giv..