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Flower Delivery

Same-day Flower Delivery on the Coromandel Peninsula

Based in Thames, we are the largest florist on the Coromandel Peninsula and do same-day flower delivery in Thames Township. We offer a fresh selection of many locally grown flowers, a range of house plants, gift hampers, and a large selection of New Zealand chocolates and Ecoya Products. You can easily send flowers to a loved one with our simple online flower delivery booking system. You can select any one of the gorgeous arrangements from our florist, delivery not included. Flowers On Pollen can deliver flowers on the same day you order in Thames or further afield if received early enough to meet the courier schedule, or any date you prefer for a special occasion. With the perfect flower arrangement or bouquet delivered unexpectedly, you can create lasting memories and joy with someone special.

Fresh Flowers and Gifts

You will find a wide variety of flowers and gifts at Flowers On Pollen to spoil that special loved one, delivered to their door. We have some of the most beautiful arrangements to choose from, as well as a variety of bouquets stylishly arranged and presented.

  • The Posies collection offers a choice of pretty pink, vintage or brightly coloured small bouquets. Let’s bring some joy and love to those you care for with a sweet posy of fresh flowers.

  • Kalenkohe, Fiddle Leaf Fig and Anthurium are some of the potted plants you can choose from in our plants collection.

  • We have quite an assortment of beautiful gifts that you can send to someone special or add to a gorgeous bouquet. In our gifts collection, you will find a variety of gifts for the bathroom and garden, as well as lovely soaps and candles and even some tempting food hampers and chocolates.

Caring For Your Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers as a gift are lovely, and the joy of receiving them and having them adorn your home for a while gives continued joy. If you wish your blooms to last a bit longer, you can add a quarter teaspoon of bleach (per one litre of water) to the vase of water to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

  • You should place your flower arrangement in a cool area, away from heat, as this will hasten your flowers’ expiration. Avoiding direct sunlight will also aid in keeping your flowers fresh for longer.

  • Bacteria are not a friend to your fresh flowers, so be sure to keep the vase clean and change to fresh water at least every second or third day.

  • Another handy tip is to cut the stems of your flowers at an angle as soon as you receive them. They tend to draw air into their stems while out of the water; blocking absorption and cutting will remove any air bubbles and allow your flowers to draw up the fresh water in their vase.

Room temperature water is best for your flowers. If you wish to speed up the blooming of unopened buds, use warm water to help them open quicker. (The only side effect of this practice is that your beautiful blooms might die sooner).

Blooming Joy

You can order and book for us to deliver flowers online. Send lovely flowers or a gift hamper to a loved one to show your love and care and bring a smile to their face. Flowers On Pollen offers a wide range of gifts and flowers delivered daily. Contact us today to place your order.




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