Plants Gift

Say “Aloe You”, With Plants as Gift

Flowers wilt, candles burn out, and chocolates never last long anyway. Plants, however, is a longer-lasting sign of love and care. Plants as a gift work well for grandma or grandpa, hospital visits, birthdays, anniversaries or just an I-thought-this-will-brighten-your-day gift. Say thank you, I love you or thinking of you with Flowers On Pollen. We are a local florist who offers a wide range of plants, posies, arrangements and gifts for every occasion – delivery in Thames daily, frequently also servicing outlying areas. We are the largest florist in the peninsula and offer an extensive range of local flowers.


Pot Plant Gift: What Works for Homes

Sharing a plant person’s admiration for their little (or big!) community of plants is a sign you care. Whether it's houseplants, little clippings they found next to the road or grown from seed–their love extends far and wide, for all things leafy and green. We share ideas of houseplants here:

  • A fiddle leaf fig is always a winner. With its bright green leaves, it prefers a sunny yet stable environment.

  • Commonly known as a snake plant, but also called Saint George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue or viper's bowstring hemp, this evergreen plant can survive in sunny or dark corners of the home. When you gift a plant of the indestructible variety, your friends can learn even more about it.

  • The ‘Swiss cheese plant’ or Monstera Deliciosa gets its name from the natural leaf holes that appear to optimise sunlight.

  • A Lady Palm prefers indirect sunlight and, unlike other palms, are easy to care for. A string of pearls is ideal for the nightstand or bookshelf as it will trail down, and it flourishes in a bright space with indirect sunlight.

  • A peace lily and English ivy are two other favourites. A peace lily loves water and, with enough light, will flower throughout the year. English ivy is a lovely climbing plant suited to start an urban garden wall.

Send a Pot Plant: Plants That Love Pots

A potted plant is handy and a lovely gift because it can brighten a home, a dressing table, a veranda or a workspace. Pot plant delivery is easy with Flowers On Pollen.


About Flowers On Pollen

What started as a new venture to fill a gap in the market and our time; is now our pride and joy. Flowers On Pollen is a locally owned and operated florist in the Coromandel Peninsula, and we flourish on our passion for flowers. We are the largest florist in the wider community and serve Thames, Tairua, Whangamata, Whitianga and Pauanui, Coromandel, Te Puru, Paeroa, Ngatea.

We happily and proudly provide a diverse range of local flowers and offer plants, posies and bouquets delivered to your doorstep. In addition, we offer a range of gifts you can add to your arrangement: these include garden, home and body care products, candles and yummy snacks. Gift cards are also available. Contact us today for beautiful bouquets in the peninsula.

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